Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chemistry is going to be a bear

I have already missed an assignment. During the first day of classes we got the usual blizzard of paperwork and one of them was an assignment. I overlooked it. Not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless.

Our instructor is not a native speaker of English. There are a few words she can't say and one of them is "measurement" which she probably had to say 50 times last night. Probably because I was already pissed at myself over missing the assignment, I let it get to me. It was a very long 1.75 hour lecture.


boba said...

Two Words: Office Hours.
I worked as Graduate Assistant and I was surprised how few students showed up during office hours. Those that did were able to get their questions answered and learn those obscure terms the professor and I kept using in lecture.
Yeah, it's a shame that English diction is not a requirement for instruction. I did not take need to take the math courses that so many other students complained about, I transferred previous work. Nevertheless, I skipped the Asian Arts courses because the instructor's diction was so bad. When I worked with him one on one (I taught computer programs to faculty) it was a real chore understanding him.

Pigasus said...

I used to be an interpreter. My pronunciation was never the best, I focused on speed. Now I know what I must have sounded like.

You know, that's a good tip on office hours. Right now I understand the book just fine and expectations are clearing up.