Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tally Ho!

Spring Semester for the Last Chance Cowboy College started on Wednesday and I've now seen (or been e-mailed by) each of my instructors once. My two math instructors (algebra and statistics) are intellectually vibrant folks. I will enjoy their classes. My geology course is online and I hate online courses. My instructor seems really engaged and has put time into her course shell so hopefully it won't suck too bad. My big beef with internet courses is that (at least at the Cowboy College) it's basically paying the school for the privilege of being my own teacher. My chemistry teacher is professional but seems nervous.

One of the folks I'm sitting next to in my chemistry lecture introduced himself as a genius. There are some phrases that are probably false simply because they were uttered. "I'm in charge" is one of them. If you have to say that you're in charge, the truth is you're probably not. "I'm a genius" would be another one. Genius boy is retaking the class because he failed it last semester. According to genius boy, this instructor got blasted in last semester's critiques. That would explain some of the nervousness.

Anyhow, it's obvious I will have my work cut out for me this semester. This is not going to be one of those semesters where I can do significant chunks of coursework at the last moment. This semester will take some planning and more than a little work.

Last semester wasn't too tough and gave me the opportunity to knock off a decade's worth of intellectual rust. This semester won't be as mistake tolerant as last semester was.

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