Thursday, February 21, 2008

By way of an update

I've dropped geology. Too much work.

I got the class high on the last statistics test. Lemme tell you that came as a surprise. Furthermore, there was a fair amount of "group effort" going on during the exam. The instructor who allegedly proctored the exam just dropped them off and left. I don't know about the self esteem of the guys who took the test as a team and still landed in the low 70s. If you cheat and still can't win then... well... you're a fricking idiot.

I have a classmate, J, in two classes. He is way overloaded. We had a chemistry test last night which he's pretty sure he failed. He has lost his statistics book and he doesn't feel like buying another one. I see a train wreck in his immediate future. Can't say I haven't made similar mistakes myself and sadly it's one of those things you only learn by experience.

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